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Year in Photos

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Wow, what a year. He got his doctorate; I quit my job; we went to Paris, Iceland and the UK together and I travelled to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, NYC and Tennessee alone, as well as an earth-shifting trip back to Austin. Following Susannah Conway’s lead, I wanted to put together a year in photos post – twelve photos, one for each month. Turns out it’s nigh impossible to choose 12 photos for a year this full. I put the ones that made the cut into collages here for the sake of your scrolling fingers.

January through April. Struggling with the loss of my aunt, challenged by my workload, finding solace in the company of some soul sisters.
May and June. He graduates with his PhD, a year ahead of schedule. A challenging time at Squam as I struggle with what’s ahead. I take him to Europe to celebrate all we’ve been through in the last seven years together.
September. That lake. Healing magic.
September through November. Loving souls. Embroidery head-banging sessions. The mother tree. The best dinner party I’ve ever attended. Wild insomnia.
November through December. The wheel keeps on turning and the city keeps changing. Knitting the damage back together. Being at home – at home.

Many of the women I know have been inspired by this exercise – I’d encourage all of you to try it – it is amazing the ground we cover in a year. If you do post your own year in photos I would love to see it – please do share in the comments! Should you want to see the full images from my set and some longer-winded accompanying stories, click over here to my Flickr set, which includes the full size images as well as a couple of bonus shots.


One thought on “Year in Photos

  1. I feel so honored to be in your year of photos!!! xoxoxox

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