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Around here: Crafty Bastards and Kinfolk canning

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I’m just back from Snow Farm and I have so much to share, but I haven’t gone into the Kinfolk canning event my husband and I attended the day before I left yet, or talked about the amazing Crafty Bastards art fair we attended. So, soon, a post about Snow Farm, but first, some more local D.C. area loveliness.

Mitts from Sardine Clothing, board from Blue Ridge Cutting Boards

Mitts from Sardine Clothing, board from Blue Ridge Cutting Boards

I had no idea how amazing Crafty Bastards was. I’d heard a lot of buzz about it from friends who participate, but was totally unprepared for the extremely high quality of the goods being sold. I’m used to art fairs with more of a blend of good, bad and ugly – at Crafty Bastards, even the stuff you aren’t personally into still seems objectively great. We had a blast and will block off both days to go next year. Among our favorite finds: a gorgeous cutting board from Blue Ridge Cutting Board Co., recycled cashmere mitts for me from Sardine Clothing, and a map of D.C. with a sea monster in it from Alternate Histories for him. Had a lovely chat with the woman who ran the Sardine Clothing booth and she told me that they make larger size skirts for those of us with a little more junk in the trunk; I think I see a custom order for one in my future.

Kinfolk event dinner table

Kinfolk event dinner table

Immediately after Crafty Bastards we headed out to Leesburg for a Kinfolk Magazine canning event, hosted by Rebecca Gallop from A Daily Something. I loved her aesthetic and knew she would throw a gorgeous event, and I was totally right. I didn’t take the DSLR and wished I had; there were so many great photographic subjects to be had and I felt handicapped with just my cell phone camera. The event was held at Faith Like a Mustard Seed farm, a lovely place with a great kitchen and tons of room for everyone to work. We made pickled red onions, dilly beans and apple maple butter – a task made easier thanks to the presence of lots of helping hands.

Cafe aprons from Shop Fog Linen and little spoons from Olmay Home

Cafe aprons from Shop Fog Linen and little spoons from Olmay Home

Rebecca had lined up some truly wonderful sponsors for the event, so we got some great goodies to take home. My favorite contribution was a set of matching cafe aprons (one for me and one for him, and we just happened to get two that matched – so us!) courtesy of Shop Fog Linen, whose products I love; so excited to finally own one of their lovely products. West Elm also sent us home with some nice big Weck jars, which we’re going to try canning in once we have a few more rounds of canning under our belt. Kinfolk sent us a lovely canning print, and Olmay Home sent us some adorable little wooden spoons – not sure if they truly are jam spoons, but that’s what I’m christening mine. We had a lovely casual dinner outside, with lots of canned products to enjoy, and spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen eating cakes made with canned preserves while we worked. Lehman’s sent our canning jars and I discovered a new favorite jar style – this one, in the half-pint size – that I’ll be ordering soon for pickling. Love the small size and wide mouth on this one.

Pickled red onions in my new favorite Kerr jars

Pickled red onions in my new favorite Kerr jars

I think my favorite part of the event was how inspirational the recipes and the setting were. I’m still pretty new to water bath canning and loved seeing all the pickled produce; it gave me tons of ideas for things I could do at home. And it was a pleasure to eat, socialize and cook in a setting that had been so beautifully dressed by Rebecca and Holly Chapple Flowers, who did the arrangements for the event. Holly herself was such fun; I’m a pretty dedicated introvert and loved talking to someone so bright and bubbly who made conversation truly easy. I’ve got a black thumb and loved hearing her take on gardening over our dinner.

Lovely dinner table arrangement by Holly Chapple Flowers

Lovely dinner table arrangement by Holly Chapple Flowers

We had a beautiful drive home (okay, maybe a couple of near misses due to my exhaustion, but since they didn’t turn into car accidents, my nervous driver self is calling it a win). I’m really happy that I’ve learned that I am capable of driving into at least some of the NoVa suburbs; should expand our options when it comes to acquiring produce to can next season. It was a great way to spend the day before heading up to Massachusetts for Snow Farm.


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